Smoke Rings In The Dark

Gary Allan - Smoke Rings In The Dark
Smoke Rings in the Dark

  1. Smoke Rings In The Dark (Rivers Rutherford, Houston Robert) Play
  2. Right Where I Need To Be (Casey Beathard, Kendell Marvel) Play
  3. Don’t Tell Mama (Buddy Brock, Kim Williams, Jerry Laseter) Play
  4. Lovin’ You Against My Will (Jamie O’Hara) Play
  5. Sorry (Shawn Camp, Brice Long, Wynn Varble) Play
  6. Cryin For Nothin (Kevin Welch) Play
  7. Bourbon Borderline (John Wiggins, Harley Allen, Jennifer Bibeau) Play
  8. Runaway (Del Shannon, Max Crook) Play
  9. Learning To Live With Me (Gary Burr, Allen) Play
  10. Cowboy Blues (George McCorkle, Mike Geiger, Mike Huffman) Play
  11. I’m The One (Gary Allan, Odie Blackmon, O’Hara) Play
  12. Greenfields (Camp, Frank Dycus) Play