Set You Free

Gary Allan - Set You Free
Set You FreeSet You Free

  1. Tough Goodbye (Josh Thompson, Tony Martin) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  2. Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain) (Gary Allan, Matt Warren, Hillary Lindsey) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  3. Bones (Keith Gattis) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  4. It Ain’t The Whiskey (Greg Barnhill, Jim Daddario, Cole Deggs) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  5. Sand In My Soul (Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Blair Daily) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  6. You Without Me (Gary Allan, John Lancaster, Rachel Proctor) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  7. One More Time (Gary Allan, Matt Warren, Hillary Lindsey) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  8. Hungover Heart (Matt Warren, James LeBlanc) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  9. No Worries (Gary Allan, Odie Blackmon, Pat McLaughlin) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  10. Drop (Joel Shewmake, Bruce Wallace, Brian White) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  11. Pieces (Gary Allan, Odie Blackman, Sarah Buxton) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]
  12. Good As New (Pat McLaughlin, Billy Burnette) [mp3t track=”″ flow=”y” ind=”n” title=”” bold=”n”]


  1. faninoklahoma

    where do you get the free digital download,i bought the cd shirt and download still cant listen

    • admin

      check the email you recieved when you ordered. Let us know if you still have trouble.

    • tazs

      i bough new cd just love it t have tankntops for ladies with bones on it tks

  2. mitzijean

    Love,love this cd..

  3. nevadanettie

    Hi Gary,
    This will be my fourth year in your fan club. You just amaze me with your incredible voice.
    I will also be attending my fourth concert this year in LasVegas at Sunset Station. I have been
    watching the charts as your new song is climbing, way to go you deserve the best. I got
    my first guitar pick as it landed on my husband’s shirt; I will keep it always. I may be 66 but
    I have every one of your albums downloaded on my pc . Nobody gets to hear anything in
    my house except Gary Allan.

  4. davesdrummingtogary

    GAFC member Dave here / like fan nevadanettie’s comment everybody in my household is well rehearsed in all Gary Allan music… don’t have the new CD yet, but I will soon…..

  5. mszwab33

    First I just want to say, I am so happy for you Gary! We sure missed you! This is my first year in your fan club. My friend passed four years ago in a car accident and I spend almost everyday with her mom, Marie. I signed Marie and myself up for your fan club as a christmas gift to us. I have grown to be a HUGE fan of yours because of Marie. So far we have seen you twice (last year and this year). I attended my first concert ever at the Country Throwdown Tour last year to see you (with Marie of course, and the ironic part is, her first concert ever was yours a few years ago, too). I caught the last two guitar picks you threw that night; I could not believe it. And I also happened to catch one at Joe’s bar in Chicago in December.

    Thanks for creating new music, the cd is just amazing. Can’t wait to see you perform again!

  6. micheles14

    Great CD as always! Can’t wait to see you in Apopka!

  7. kwolfe

    I love the new album it is very incredible album!! Best one yet!!! I love all the songs on it! My favorite songs are: Every Storm, Bones, It Ain’t The Whiskey, You Without Me, One More Time, and Pieces. I hope that Gary will be coming back to Indiana for another show hoping for the Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, IN again this year. I seen him in Indy on Sunday very incredible show up in Indy. But seeing one show this year isn’t enough for this fan club member.

  8. micheles14

    Hi Gary! I will be attending your concert at Apopka soon, I can’t wait! I have your guitar pic that you threw at your concert at Sea World Orlando, and thanks for signing my sweater sleeve, I appreciate it! Love your new cd and I’ll see you soon!

  9. renee1968

    Its about time he starts getting recognized !!!!!! I love your song pieces I like it better than everystorm but the whole cd rocks just like all the others I am a huge FAN from Colorado πŸ˜‰

  10. kimmosley68

    Gary, Your music and vocals get better all the time. So glad surgery went well and cant wait to see you on tour soon. Set You Free, is just awesome…such well written and cleaver lyrics…you insprie me to write…stay strong!

  11. wmcaimleft

    Gary, my wife and I have seen you perform 4 times in the last 4 years whenever you have been anywhere around Utah. The first time was in 2009 at the Maverik Center till the last two shows in Wendover NV this year. Your music gets better and better, and we can’t wait to see you again. I was able to get front row seats for my wife and myself to one of your January shows in NV for her birthday this year. Needless to say I will never be able to put a smile on my wifes face like the one you did for her birthday this year! Thanks for your music and good luck and continued success in your career.

  12. lamnksc3

    I just want to let you know how your song “Every Storm Runs Out of Rain” has helped me grieve my mother’s passing. My mom went into the hospital because her legs were swollen, turned out she had a blood clot in her leg. With care it was getting better but my mother was very sick and we didn’t even know it. She had her first stroke on Nov. 29th, on Dec. 1 we had to intibate her because of seizures, turned out she had a blood clot the size of her upper left chamber of her heart, then it just continued to go down hill. On Dec. 8th we decided to take her off the intibator because she never wanted to be dependant on machines, and she was going through kidney failure. On Dec. 10 they were moving her from the hospital to a rehab hospital, I knew she wasn’t going to make it to the rehab so I kissed her goodbye and went to my car to follow the ambulance, when I turned on the car was the first time I heard your song, all I could do is cry. As we followed the ambulance it pulled over I knew she had passed. My brother confirmed it and that was the end. Now everytime I hear your song it reminds me of that night, but it’s true that it gets easier with time. Thank you so much for such a great song. It helps me know that life will get better again. I hope I get to meet you in Atlantic City but either way I am forever a true fan of your work. God bless and have a great day.

    • valerie

      That is a beautiful story. It’s also how I came to know Gary. His song Life Ain’t Always Beautiful came on the radio. And instantly became my song to my daughter whom I lost 15 years ago. I’m truly sorry for your loss of your Mom. It’s so awesome to know that his music truly does touch a person soul. What an inspiration. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  13. dbinia

    Hi folks, Gary’s live tracks on Ram/Yahoo are really nice. Super nice acoustic sound. Can I buy these somewhere?

  14. pait22

    I can’t believe how AWESOME GARY ALLAN is !!!!!! Saw Gary in concert for the first time and I am in AWE of him πŸ˜‰

  15. pjstrait

    Gary, Love your new cd,can’t wait until June when you come back to southern Colorado and your song Bones is awesome as well as No Worries!Can’t wait

  16. rockncountryfan

    I love each and every song on different days, for different reasons. It’s funny how in life music seems to be the background music to what you’re going through in life. I’m glad he’s my background music coz…it rocks, it hurts and it moves me as it mends me…but this time, people are getting what Gary is about, he’s getting his props, long overdue~
    Cheryl Ann

  17. countryblaunde

    Just love your new CD, I already have it memorized. Lol I would make a good back up singer. Lol Have loved your music for years and it is about time everyone else, besides your fans, stood up and took notice of how talented you are. Also for you to get the recognitions that you have well deserved for years. Can’t wait to see you in Biloxi, MS at the Hard Rock Live on June 1, 2013. I will be in the front row singing along with you. Take care and see you then! Love ya bunches!

  18. rodcladog

    Gary, I first saw you way back when you were first getting started. It was in Lubbock, Texas at a local honky tonk with a small dance floor. My wife & I danced to every song you played, and I told her you would be big star before long. Since then I’ve been able to to see you live in Odessa, Texas twice. Please try to come back to Lubbock, Texas. By the way I’m 62 years young and I’m one of your oldest FANS and waiting on your next new songs. I have every CD that you have made. Keep going strong. Rod

  19. aggiewrk

    Any chance we’ll see a Vinyl version of this album? or any of your albums for that matter? would LOVE to them…. Thanks for sharing your talent and music with us!

  20. zebedee

    Hi Gary, love your music, voice perfect for my ears;) Will you be touring England? Anything in the pipeline? If not I’ll just have to get on that plane…

  21. littleduckie

    As someone who suffers with depression (and some days I suffer more than others), the song Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain) really hits home with me. The first time I heard it I cried …. sometimes it’s so hard to see the other side of the storm when you’re standing in it. Now when I hear it, it gives me strength. I can’t wait to hear it live in September in Brisbane. Thank you xx

  22. Denise

    Any idea when a new CD is coming out?

  23. Gwen

    Where can I find the official industry made video of Nothing On But The Radio? I can’t locate it anywhere. πŸ™ Great song!!

  24. Angela Pilcher

    I listen to this CD everyday. I lost my husband last year at the age of 44 to cancer. Gary was his favorite artist and the last date we had before he died was a Gary Allan concert in Robinsonville, MS in August. These songs have really helped me. Thanks for your music and just know it does touch people’s lives. God bless!

  25. francis anderson

    you are a tough person inside an out i love your music you half to be the most sweetest an kind person your the best gary

  26. Sonya

    I have always liked your music, but touching me even more deeply lately! I can very much relate to the song “It Ain’t the Whiskey”! Can’t wait for your new album and will try to catch you in concert in the near future.

  27. kevin ratcliff

    when is the new CD with Hangover Tonight set for release or has the label set a date ready for it..and see you once again at the Horseshoe Casio in Bossier City,LA in September. great show in Biloxi,MS April 10th..the meet n greet was something my wife and I will always remember..thanks for being a down to earth guy toward your fans..

  28. Terrie Goodhew

    I just ordered the green burnout T-Shirt can’t wait to receive it.Love Gary and his music

  29. misty steele

    We heard this at the choctaw indian fair in philadelphia, ms this past weekend and would love the lyrics !! your help greatly appreciated

  30. Laurie Winder

    Please come to Western Canada! Just checked out your concert dates and you are too far away! I would love to here these songs live!

  31. Brittany T

    Love the music… I was at the CMA fest and Gary said he had a new Album coming out but WHEN!!! I want to Download it! He sang a few songs off it at CMA Fest and I would love to be listening to them!!! Thanks!

  32. Heather

    Best day ever today! I get to see Gary in a couple of weeks in Toledo! I love all of his music. Wish they would play more of them on the radio.

  33. pam

    when is Gary coming out with a new album, love his music. pam w

  34. tyler vaccaro

    hi gary allon my favorite son from you is it aint the whisky

  35. valerie

    Gary, its because of you that i believe in true love. And that i am lucky enough to have found my true love. Every relationship ive been in was with an abusive man. 8 years ago i was about to give up on love when i had to leave my husband for trying to kill me in front of our 3 year old daughter. But every time i listen to your music it would take me to a place of complete serenity. You are an insperation to me deep inside my soul. And because of you i had faith in finding a good man. Which i did, by the way. I have been with my fience for 4 years. So id like to thank you for helping me to not be afarid to try again. I love you Gary Allan. You are the reason i found true love. Thank you again,
    Forever Greatful to You,
    Valerie Larsen


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