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Used Heart For Sale

Gary Allan - Used Heart For Sale
Used Heart for Sale

  1. Send Back My Heart (John David, George Ducas) Play
  2. Her Man (Kent Robbins) Play
  3. Forever And A Day (Jim Lauderdale, Frank Dycus)
  4. Living In A House Full Of Love (Billy Sherrill, Glenn Sutton)
  5. All I Had Going Is Gone (Mark Wright, Ronnie Rogers)
  6. Used Heart For Sale (Gary Allan, Jake Kelly) Play
  7. Of All The Hearts (Byron Hill, J. Remington Wilde)
  8. From Where I’m Sitting (Garth Brooks, Kent Maxon)
  9. Wine Me Up (Faron Young, Bill Deaton) Play
  10. Wake Up Screaming (Lauderdale, John Leventhal) Play

Tough All Over

Gary Allan - Tought All Over
Tough All Over

  1. Tough All Over (Jim Lauderdale, Odie Blackmon) Play
  2. Best I Ever Had (Matthew Scannell) Play
  3. I Just Got Back From Hell (Harley Allen, Gary Allan) Play
  4. Ring (Kostas) Play
  5. Promise Broken (Deric Ruttan, Margaret Findley) Play
  6. Nickajack Cave (Jamie O’Hara) Play
  7. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful (Tommy Lee James, Cyndi Goodman) Play
  8. He Can’t Quit Her (Casey Beathard, Ed Hill) Play
  9. What Kind Of Fool (O’Hara) Play
  10. Puttin’ Memories Away (Gary Allan, Matt Warren) Play
  11. No Damn Good (O’Hara, Gary Allan, Blackmon) Play
  12. Putting My Misery On Display (Gary Allan) Play

Smoke Rings In The Dark

Gary Allan - Smoke Rings In The Dark
Smoke Rings in the Dark

  1. Smoke Rings In The Dark (Rivers Rutherford, Houston Robert) Play
  2. Right Where I Need To Be (Casey Beathard, Kendell Marvel) Play
  3. Don’t Tell Mama (Buddy Brock, Kim Williams, Jerry Laseter) Play
  4. Lovin’ You Against My Will (Jamie O’Hara) Play
  5. Sorry (Shawn Camp, Brice Long, Wynn Varble) Play
  6. Cryin For Nothin (Kevin Welch) Play
  7. Bourbon Borderline (John Wiggins, Harley Allen, Jennifer Bibeau) Play
  8. Runaway (Del Shannon, Max Crook) Play
  9. Learning To Live With Me (Gary Burr, Allen) Play
  10. Cowboy Blues (George McCorkle, Mike Geiger, Mike Huffman) Play
  11. I’m The One (Gary Allan, Odie Blackmon, O’Hara) Play
  12. Greenfields (Camp, Frank Dycus) Play

Set You Free

Gary Allan - Set You Free
Set You FreeSet You Free

  1. Tough Goodbye (Josh Thompson, Tony Martin) Play
  2. Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain) (Gary Allan, Matt Warren, Hillary Lindsey) Play
  3. Bones (Keith Gattis) Play
  4. It Ain’t The Whiskey (Greg Barnhill, Jim Daddario, Cole Deggs) Play
  5. Sand In My Soul (Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Blair Daily) Play
  6. You Without Me (Gary Allan, John Lancaster, Rachel Proctor) Play
  7. One More Time (Gary Allan, Matt Warren, Hillary Lindsey) Play
  8. Hungover Heart (Matt Warren, James LeBlanc) Play
  9. No Worries (Gary Allan, Odie Blackmon, Pat McLaughlin) Play
  10. Drop (Joel Shewmake, Bruce Wallace, Brian White) Play
  11. Pieces (Gary Allan, Odie Blackman, Sarah Buxton) Play
  12. Good As New (Pat McLaughlin, Billy Burnette) Play

See If I Care

Gary Allan - See If I Care
See If I Care

  1. Drinkin’ Dark Whiskey (Chris Stapleton, Michael Henderson) Play
  2. Can’t Do It Today (John Rich, Vicky McGehee, Rodney Clawson) Play
  3. Tough Little Boys (Harley Allen, Don Sampson) Play
  4. See If I Care (Jamie O’Hara) Play
  5. Songs About Rain (Pat McLaughlin, Liz Rose) Play
  6. I Can Love You (Shawn Camp, Philip White) Play
  7. Don’t Look Away (Sean Locke, Hardy McGee) Play
  8. Guys Like Me (Kostas, Trent Summar) Play
  9. Nothing On But The Radio (Odie Blackmon, Byron Hill, Brice Long) Play
  10. You Don’t Know A Thing About Me (O’Hara, Blackmon, Gary Allan) Play
  11. A Showman’s Life (Jesse Winchester) Play

Living Hard

Gary Allan - Living Hard
Get Off On The Pain

  1. Watching Airplanes (Jim Beavers, Jonathan Singleton) Play
  2. We Touched The Sun (Gary Allan, Odie Blackmon, Jim Lauderdale) Play
  3. She’s So California (Allan, Jaime Hanna, Jon Randall) Play
  4. Like It’s A Bad Thing (Wendell Mobley, Tony Martin, Neil Thrasher) Play
  5. Learning How To Bend (Allan, James LeBlanc, Matt Warren) Play
  6. As Long As You’re Looking Back (Aaron Barker, Dean Dillon, Scotty Emerick) Play
  7. Wrecking Ball (Audley Freed, Keith Gattis) Play
  8. Yesterday’s Rain (Allan, LeBlanc, Warren) Play
  9. Trying To Matter (Allan, Casey Beathard, Blackmon) Play
  10. Half of My Mistakes (Radney Foster, Bobby Houck) Play
  11. Living Hard (Allan, Blackmon, Bob DiPiero) Play

It Would Be You

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Gary Allan - It Would Be You
It Would Be You

  1. It Would Be You (Dana Hunt Black, Kent Robbins) Play
  2. No Man In His Wrong Heart (Trey Bruce, Ronnie Rogers) Play
  3. Don’t Leave Her Lonely Too Long (Kostas, Marty Stuart) Play
  4. I’ll Take Today (Bill Robinson, Robbins) Play
  5. I Ain’t Runnin’ Yet (Gary Nicholson, Jamie O’Hara) Play
  6. She Loves Me, She Don’t Love You (Conway Twitty) Play
  7. Quarter In My Pocket (Billy Yates, Jake Kelly) Play
  8. Baby I Will (Gary Allan, Odie Blackmon, Kelly) Play
  9. Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies (Kostas, Brent Moyer) Play
  10. It Took Us All Night Long To Say Goodbye (Wayland Holyfield, Bob McDill) Play
  11. Forgotten, But Not Gone (Buzz Cason, Johnny MacRae) Play

Get Off On The Pain

Gary Allan - Get Off On The Pain
Get Off On The PainGet Off On The Pain

  1. Get Off On The Pain (Brett James, Bill Luther, Justin Weaver) Play
  2. I Think I’ve Had Enough (Brett Eldredge, Pat McLaughlin) Play
  3. Today (Brice Long, Tommy Lee James) Play
  4. That Ain’t Gonna Fly (Wes Hightower, Tony Martin) Play
  5. Kiss Me When I’M Down (Andrew Dorff, Josh Kear, Chris Tompkins) Play
  6. We Fly By Night (Allan, Odie Blackmon, Jamie O’Hara) Play
  7. When You Give Yourself Away (Allan, Blackmon, McLaughlin) Play
  8. Along The Way (Allan, Blackmon, Scooter Carusoe) Play
  9. She Gets Me (Allan, Kendell Marvel, Matt Warren) Play
  10. No Regrets (Allan, Jaime Hanna, Jon Randall) Play

Alright Guy

Gary Allan - Alright Guy
Alright GuyGet Off On The Pain

  1. Man To Man (Jamie O’Hara) Play
  2. Devil’s Candy (Harley Allen, Carson Chamberlain) Play
  3. What I’d Say (Robert Byrne, Will Robinson) Play
  4. Man Of Me (George Teren, Rivers Rutherford) Play
  5. Adobe Walls (Roger Brown, Luke Reed) Play
  6. What’s On My Mind (Jim Lauderdale, Leslie Satcher) Play
  7. Alright Guy (Todd Snider) Play
  8. The One (Karen Manno, Billy Lee) Play
  9. I’m Doin’ My Best (Rutherford, Annie Tate, Sam Tate) Play
  10. I Don’t Look Back (Gary Allan, Odie Blackmon, Jake Kelly) Play
  11. What Would Willie Do (Bruce Robison) Play

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits

  1. Feelin’ Like That (Ira Dean, David Lee Murphy, Kim Tribble) Play
  2. Right Where I Need To Be (Casey Beathard, Kendell Marvel) Play
  3. Songs About Rain (Liz Rose, Pat McLaughlin) Play
  4. Smoke Rings In The Dark (Rivers Rutherford, Houston Robert) Play
  5. Her Man (Kent Robbins) Play
  6. Best I Ever Had (Matthew Scannell) Play
  7. Nothing On But The Radio (Odie Blackmon, Byron Hill, Brice Long) Play
  8. Man To Man (Jamie O’Hara) Play
  9. The One (Billy Lee, Karen Manno) Play
  10. Lovin’ You Against My Will (O’Hara) Play
  11. It Would Be You (Robbins, Dana Hunt) Play
  12. Man Of Me (George Teren, Rutherford) Play
  13. Tough Little Boys (Don Sampson, Harley Allen) Play
  14. As The Crow Flies (Keith Gattis)
  15. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful (Cyndi Goodman, Tommy Lee James) Play