Living Hard

Gary Allan - Living Hard
Get Off On The Pain

  1. Watching Airplanes (Jim Beavers, Jonathan Singleton) Play
  2. We Touched The Sun (Gary Allan, Odie Blackmon, Jim Lauderdale) Play
  3. She’s So California (Allan, Jaime Hanna, Jon Randall) Play
  4. Like It’s A Bad Thing (Wendell Mobley, Tony Martin, Neil Thrasher) Play
  5. Learning How To Bend (Allan, James LeBlanc, Matt Warren) Play
  6. As Long As You’re Looking Back (Aaron Barker, Dean Dillon, Scotty Emerick) Play
  7. Wrecking Ball (Audley Freed, Keith Gattis) Play
  8. Yesterday’s Rain (Allan, LeBlanc, Warren) Play
  9. Trying To Matter (Allan, Casey Beathard, Blackmon) Play
  10. Half of My Mistakes (Radney Foster, Bobby Houck) Play
  11. Living Hard (Allan, Blackmon, Bob DiPiero) Play