Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits

  1. Feelin’ Like That (Ira Dean, David Lee Murphy, Kim Tribble) Play
  2. Right Where I Need To Be (Casey Beathard, Kendell Marvel) Play
  3. Songs About Rain (Liz Rose, Pat McLaughlin) Play
  4. Smoke Rings In The Dark (Rivers Rutherford, Houston Robert) Play
  5. Her Man (Kent Robbins) Play
  6. Best I Ever Had (Matthew Scannell) Play
  7. Nothing On But The Radio (Odie Blackmon, Byron Hill, Brice Long) Play
  8. Man To Man (Jamie O’Hara) Play
  9. The One (Billy Lee, Karen Manno) Play
  10. Lovin’ You Against My Will (O’Hara) Play
  11. It Would Be You (Robbins, Dana Hunt) Play
  12. Man Of Me (George Teren, Rutherford) Play
  13. Tough Little Boys (Don Sampson, Harley Allen) Play
  14. As The Crow Flies (Keith Gattis)
  15. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful (Cyndi Goodman, Tommy Lee James) Play