There’s no use denying it. 2020 has made us all into grumpy old timers, sitting around pining for the long-gone “good old days.” Well, if your good old days were soundtracked by the country hits of the 1990s, Gary Allan is here to help.

The brooding, raspy-voiced star behind favorites like “Right Where I Need to Be,” “Man to Man” and the double-Platinum “Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain),” Allan first broke out in that decade of high tops, bright neon colors and questionable male grooming — and if you haven’t noticed, those have all come back around. With his new single, “Waste of a Whiskey Drink,” Allan’s adding one more ’90s relic to the list, and he’s got plans for more.

A smooth-burning shot of throwback country paired with Allan’s sweet-and-sour vocal — strong but mellow, a little wounded and a little dangerous — it’s the first single Allan’s released since 2017’s “Mess Me Up,” and he’s not blind to the fact country has moved toward a beat-driven electronic sound in that time … he just doesn’t care.

“I think we need a lane that sounds like that older stuff,” he says of the modern country format, speaking with Sounds Like Nashville from his home just north of Music City. “Everything can’t sound like this new stuff.”


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