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Gary Allan Proves He’s Still the Coolest Guy in Country Music at Cheyenne Frontier DaysBrian Gary has always said that Gary Allan oozes cool. He proved he’s still got it Sunday night at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Over 12 thousand fans packed into the grandstands and Party Zone at Frontier Park for an amazing show. Chancey Williams and the Younger Brother’s Band opened for Gary.

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Gary Allan Working On New CD | The BIG 98 WSIXListen to Gary Allan Radio on iHeartRadio Gary Allan says he’s taking control over his next album, and making the record on his own. But the country star explains that he’ll still tap producers Mark Wright and Jay Joyce if he thinks a particular song would benefit from their talents.

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Rob Potts Entertainment Edge and Chugg Entertainment are thrilled to announce today that award-winning outlaw singer-songwriter GARY ALLAN (USA) will be embarking on his first Australian tour in six years this September/October. The hard-living Californian will be joined on all shows by the legendary genre-bending party band THE MAVERICKS (USA), and four-piece “redneck rock band” BLACKJACK BILLY (USA).Australia’s love affair with GARY ALLAN (USA) began fourteen years ago, when he made his first trip out to Australia, winning over local crowds with his whiskey-soaked voice, raw charisma and intense live performances, including a show where he confronted a power failure at a venue by playing acoustic to a rowdy crowd while perched on the edge of the stage, singing “songs that make you laugh and make you cry, and songs that piss you off.”

Multiple return trips have cemented his reputation as an artist whose down to earth rock’n’roll swagger makes him just as home here, as in his own US home, where his unique blend of hard-core Bakersfield country and Southern roots rock has captivated a diverse crowd for two decades.

“I had a following before I had a record contract that was made up of die-hard  punks, bikers and ranch cowboy guys,” Allan recalls. “When I really decided I wanted to do this, it was during The Highwaymen tour – Cash, Kristofferson, Willie and Waylon. I was probably about 15; that’s when country became like rock’n’roll to me. It was nothing fancy they were doing, but it was hardcore.”

When THE MAVERICKS (USA) finally touched down in Australia for the first time last year, it was as if a dam had burst, with crowds whipped into a frenzy at their festival show and their sold-out standing-room-only Sydney club date. It had been a long wait for fans of the country-steeped garage band with the Cuban American lead singer, that emerged from Miami in 1989. Their sultry debut was equal parts innocence, intensity, and vintage influences.

The spine-tingling musicianship of the band, the soaring sensuality of singer Raul Malo’s vocals and the indelible grooves inherent in their timeless songs, sent the crowds into instinctive swaying, jiving and twisting through relentless performances that end with each Maverick drenched in sweat. The Mavericks are a unique live musical experience. They defy easy classification, drawing on a dozen genres to create a sound all of their own.

“Our relentless pursuit of fun and our selfish notion of pleasing ourselves has always driven us,” says drummer Paul Deakin. “But pleasing ourselves creatively has also always worked for us, creating an immediacy that makes us true to the songs. We don’t create for a niche or a genre, but to capture the spirit – and that has always been our strong point.”

BLACKJACK BILLY (USA) are the definition of fun – a group whose on-stage alchemy is impossible to describe in words but makes audiences holler and dance in delight. Their breakthrough signature hit, “Booze Cruise”, raced up the charts when it was released last year – an indelibly catchy ode to summer living. They were the surprise breakout hit at this year’s CMC Rocks the Hunter festival, where they made their Australian debut, as the crowds were won over by their energetic on-stage antics and commanding presence. Their debut EP, “Get Some”, immediately shot to #1 the following week.

“To have these three artists together on one bill is a real once in a lifetime scenario”, says promoter Rob Potts. “They’re three totally unique acts who can blow the roof off any venue in their own right. The combination of Gary Allan, The Mavericks and Blackjack Billy is going to make for an explosive run of shows”.

Already announced for the CMC Rocks North QLD festival in Townsville and the Deni Ute Muster, Allan and his special guests will join forces for one-night- only theatre shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. With this unique bill of performers, who have each been the subject of intense demand by local fans, the shows are sure to be the hottest ticket of the moment.

 Tickets for all theatre shows will be on sale Friday 18 July.



 Thursday 25 September – Enmore Theatre, Sydney NSW
Tickets available at

 Saturday 27 September – CMC Rocks North QLD, Townsville QLD
Tickets on sale now at

 Sunday 28 September – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, QLD
Tickets available at

Wednesday 1 October – Palais Theatre, Melbourne VIC
Tickets available at

 Friday 3 and Saturday 4 October – Deni Ute Muster, Deniliquin NSW
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Many of you have asked about Gary’s equipment and safety in the rain, so we took your questions to his production manager, Sean, and got you a complete answer to how it all works in the rainy weather.

During the show in Cadott this past weekend, the band and equipment were all under the covered part of the stage. The crew tries to keep everything as dry as possible in these situations. We cover everything in visqueen (basically a heavy duty painter’s plastic) to keep mist and stray drops from the gear. If puddles form on stage around pedal boards sometimes they will be relocated to another area and kept under visqueen. Gary only had a wireless microphone when he went out on the thrust part of the stage (into the rain). The wireless mic can handle the weather up to a point. It will just need to be dried out and they will need to change the batteries. Gary did not take any of his guitars out into the heavy rain. Those were safely tucked away in the cases and kept dry at that point. However, even when he was under the cover, the guitars do get wet but our two guitar techs have quick access to plenty of towels to keep things dry. Gary’s mic and guitars are powered by AA batteries. Sometimes they get wet and we have backups for everybody. The people at Shure Microphones understand that weather comes and do a great job of getting our gear back up and running.

Also, at the point Gary was in the rain, it was just rain. There was no lightning in the area. We as the production team keep a close eye on many weather apps and local news to keep us informed of what’s going on to make sure that the artist and fans have a good time but remain safe. Once lightning started to show up on the radar, the venue & Gary’s production team notified him and the show was called for everyone’s safety. He played as long as he could for as long as it was deemed safe to do so.

We hope that answers everyone’s questions, but please let us know if you have any other questions and we’ll be happy to try and answer them for you.

All the best,

Team GA

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