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Gary Allan – Get off On The Pain

On the title track, Gary Allan sings that he doesn’t “know why my life sounds like a heartbroke country song.” So does his album. On an album that twangs like the guitars have motorcycle chains for strings, Allan sides with long shots, dark horses and lost causes more apt to revel in their misery than celebrate their good fortune. — Brian Mansfield

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This marks country singer-songwriter Allan’s eighth album, and many are placing it among his best work. That’s some statement for a guy who’s plenty familiar with the top section of the country charts. Lead single “Today” has been backing up the claims, and the rest of this set follows through, delivering modern country with a rock sensibility, and just enough balladry to keep the gals swooning.

Dallas Morning News
Get Off on the Pain (MCA Nashville) – Honky-tonk country deftly meets rock grit once again with sobering results on Allan’s eighth studio album.